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A great Duncan combo is a 59 in the neck and a Pearly Gates in the bridge. I've got that combo in one of my DC Pros and can get any sound I want from super clean jazz type sounds to really nice dirty hard rock. I can ebb into metal territory, but a higher output set would be needed. A word of warning with this combo, however, is that they are bright sounding pickups so you'll need to do some tweaking with your tone knob(s).

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Try some different models with different pickups not only LPs anything with humbuckers (or humbucker sized single coils if you feel so inclined).


Youtube is your friend.


Choose off what you think of them not what we do. Although I agree with whoever said try out some SDs

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I am playing blues and Rock and almost everything else too' date=' but which humbuckers is best in a LP if you are playing Blues and Rock like: GNR, Nickelback, Zz Top, Santana etc. Is it the EMG 81 and 89, or Gibson Dirty Fingers. #-o [/quote']


mate, you have got try the open coil burst-buckers and reversed zebra burst-buckers that i have in my (gary moore) signature lp...you will not be disapointed :D

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With a good tube amp and a good Les Paul, you should be able to nail the tones you describe.


BurstBucker Pros or 57 Classics would be my choice.

If you need a little more output for some reason (depends on amp) you can always put a boost pedal in front.

Kinda hard to add decent tone to a hot pickup that doesn't have it to begin with.





Go to this page on Gibson's site to learn a little more about their pickups;




...and you'll see this chart;




The super high output of the Dirty Fingers would likely put you in a Hard Rock corner where that's all they do.

Stay with a lower output pickup for better tone, boost it if need be.


Unless you really don't need the versatility and just wanna ROCK...

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I's got a guitar with Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates in the bridge and Alnico II Pro's in the neck. Sweet bluesy-rock combo.


Also got one with Alnico II's in both bridge and Neck. A bit more agressive than the above, I think.


Both works fine for me. I find the Burstbuckers Pro a little too mellow for my taste. The above combinations can give me the bluesy/rock/hard rock/cut-through-kinda sound I really like.


But still, there's a world of other factors that plays in.

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For blues /classic rock - what you want...stick with lower impedance pups.


Do NOT be fooled into thinking that a higher impedance pup will equal better tone/sound whatever - for the sound you're after at least. You'll only end up with too much top end and more than likely need to downgrade your pots,but that's another can of worms...


The '57 series I reckon should be exactly what you're after. But then again just like ANYTHING...that's MY thoughts.

Axe hit on something else to consider by mentioning the amp etc. you use,but I would also add the "way you play". Very important.


Now start searchin'...[drool]

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