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Kid's New Year's Eve gig...


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First off, I need to appologize for the horrible audio and video. I wasn't prepared for how loud they were and the lighting. My little video camera was a little overwhelmed! I'm still in the early stages of being a "rock n roll" Dad. I'll do better next time...


Anyway, my son got invited to play a few songs with a local band, SubRocket. He really enjoyed it! He did a good job and is still working on his "stage presence". The original band members have been playing together for a while now and put on a really good show, but this poor quality video doesn't give them their do. They played for an hour and half, all originals, with only one cover. It was good stuff.


And of course, my son played his SG Standard and the lead singer/guitar played his SG faded!


It sure has been fun watching him grow musically!!!


Here's a link to the video. There are 3 more on YouTube, if you want to see them search "SubRocket Wabash" and they will pop up.


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Thanks for the kind words!


SGplayer, yes they do their own music. They play one cover (My generation).


Dub t, your are correct, they play really well to their audience. Which is the whole point. I was impressed how much the audience was into it. I saw them play a small stage at the Western Washington Fair last summer (my kid didn't play) and they started with about 9 people in the seats. By the end of the show they had two small sets of bleachers full and actually stopped traffic on one of the major walkways on the fairgrounds. I'd estimate they had over 200 people crowded around the little stage by the end of the gig. It was really cool!


Hector, their CD should be out in the next couple of months.


dem00n, they consider themselves "pop-punk". If you listen to all their stuff, I think it compares to Green Day.


Yew, my kid LOVES playing AC/DC!!! It's why he got the SG...


Thanks again guys. It's been really fun watching grow musically in the last year. We are now working on getting his stage presence up to par with the other guys in the band, but these 3 songs he played with SubRocket brought his total 'live performance' songs played total up to 7. So i think he's doing OK for what little experience he has...

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My son is not writing the stuff for this band. He isn't officially in it, but he is hoping they add him. He does have tons of cool stuff that he has written. I'm amazed when he sits in his room and comes up with all kinds of cool song openings and guitar riffs. He's got a ton of stuff that he can add to the band (if) they ask him to join up...


The lead singer/guitar and the drummer write all the stuff for the band.


BTW... I've never been a very big fan of the drums and drum solo's, but man, the drummer did a few solo's and all I can say is WOW!

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