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just got my first


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Just got my very first tube amp. I bought it on impulse.

I didn't realize when I got my cheap amp and cheap guitar that I'd love playing so much.

I have gorgeous girls and I wasn't doing them justice before, but now...

I got them this. I played a LP out of it and WOW...now I understand.

With solid I felt as though I were listening to my playing on the radio...not 'cus I'm THAT good, but the sound.

With tube I feel as though I can actually hear the guitar, not just a recording of the guitar.

I hope that made sense o.o


I want to thank you all for your wisdom, you know who you are...

All of you who ever posted your 2 cents on amps gave me the guidance I needed to make my chioce.

I did what you said...I tried different amps and went with my ears and my gut.

I finally feel complete *tear 'till I find that Melody Maker *cough

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Decieving thread title! [love]


Ok, ok, congratulations on your first tube amp Izzy! It's a whole new world eh? The radio comment actually makes lots of sense, I think it will be used from now on by the guys whenever someone asks the difference between tube amps and solid state [drool]



So you want a melody maker? What model/year? I hav my moded melody maker for sale (don't know if you've seen pics of her) and I think Neo was trying to sell his too.

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Nice choice Izzy!

BTW what kind of SG is that?


I have a tweeked out 1970s SG. If I had a choice, it would be all original but this girl got the p90s ripped out and replaced with burstbuckers. Her bridge is HALF-tune-o-matic. The sound has bite though, so despite the way she's been set up, I can't turn my nose up at her. If anything, for withstanding so much she's my favorite to play, though I'm getting really comfortable with my V and my LP is still the princess.


Giliangirl, I see it as an addiction as well!

I made a deal with myself not to get anything more (besides another SG from the 70s should I find one decently priced), until my birthday in June. I hope I can do it.


Thunder, thanks for the heads up on that melody maker. As I just said, I'mma hold off on any more buys for a while. Really I think I'm just working towards getting one of each of the Gibson staples unconsciously. I don't need it, but I'll be keeping my eye out fer that missing girl.

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