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is it a copy or is it original?


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Hello folks! I'm new here.

I write from Italy, and I'm looking for my first Gibson (I gues some of you will be disappointed if I say I own a Stratocaster86 and a Gretsch Silverjet06, but please help me).

I found an ad on ebay for aLP standard.

here is the link: http://cgi.ebay.it/Gibson-Les-Paul-Standard-Faded-Honey-Burst-2009_W0QQitemZ200423788402QQcmdZViewItemQQptZChitarre_Elettriche?hash=item2eaa304f72#ht_1284wt_1167




according to your experience, is it a copy, or is it nice?

two things made me suspicious: the name (Chinaski) and no feedbacks.


thanks for your help, hoping to have soon a Gibson in my hands!



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But...how much is that when it's converted to US $...seems to be a lotta bikkies for a standard faded. Beautiful guitar' date='but don't get yourself in over your head mate.[thumbdn] [/quote']


It works out at about $1,870.


I completely agree he must check out 'normal' prices in his own neck of the woods.


What must be bourne in mind is that the original poster is in Italy and the low(er) supply of good, affordable Lesters will keep the prices relatively higher there than in the USA.


From what I can gather it certainly seems about the same price as it would fetch in the UK.

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what do you mean when you say that the fretboard is dry? thx!


The rosewood of the 'board would benefit from some added 'lubrication' to make it nicer to play nevermind last longer.


There are many on the market, mostly based on Lemon Oil, and one of the very best is called 'Fret Doctor'.

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By the way, I feel kind of bad for the seller, looking at the pics he's posted and at the comments he posted in english one can tell lots of people must have asked about the autenticity of his product... good thing is he provides pictures with his username in there and even the original cardboard box and explains something about chinese fakes.


People being suspicious might have something to do with his nickname tho [biggrin]

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thanks again to all of you.

Thursday I'm gonna get either the one I sowed you or a custom shop 1996

Unfortunately, in Italy Gibson Prices are quite high... I couldn't find a LP Standard for less than 1000€, unless it is a DC (about 800)!

Anyway, as soon as I get it, I will post a picture!


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Hello guys!

I got it!! wow, what a sound!! as soon as I get it I plugged into my amp at 50% power and I nearly crashed the windows... I didn't expect burstbucker zebra could be so strong!!! very very nice and I am very very happy... one more question for you all, please: do you think it will increase its value, since the standard faded will be discontinued or I can sell it in a year or two with no regret? Thanks in advance.

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Can't help you with the Mac thing.

Posting them in a photo-hosting site is the easiest way.

I use Yahoo Flick'r.






Who says they are going to be discontinued?

Guitar Center or Musician's Friend?


Don't believe them.

That cheap finish saves Gibson tons of money in labor costs.

As long as they are still selling, Gibson will keep making them.






The value isn't going up.

There are way too many "faded" finish guitars out there to be rare in any way.

Many people don't like the way they look, so they won't buy them.

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