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The Fender G-DEC amp...the future of amps?


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In a sense, I think both the fancy computer-assisted Fender and the super-simple Fender amps are both "waves of the future" for guitar.


But I'm kinda a modular sorta guy.


That's why I'm guessing we'll be more likely to hook a guitar into a laptop then into a pretty basic but bulletproof "clean" sounding amplifier.


That means we can get about any tone we want thru the computer; then have it reproduced as we wish through a relatively simple but good-sounding amp.


If either the amp or the computer go down, backups are pretty easy.


If an all-in-one computerized amp goes down and there's no identically programmed backup? DOA.


In fact... Hey, Gibson... start promoting those nice clean amps again with a simple computer control package sold as a loss-leader to go with it. Super-clean sounds with any future any picker might want... <grin>



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Ive had one for a few years and it's mediocre at best some of the settings are fun to play with and the built in drum tracks are kinda cool but the sound is very solid state and artificial and like many of todays fancy digital amps it has hundreds of sounds just none I love.


Mine is the executive model or what ever they call it that has the wood sides and back finished in a burst it's a nice looking amp but thats always kind of sad when the most positive thing you can say about a amp is that it looks really good. [confused]

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