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Custom order an SG Faded with 24 frets


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why stop at 24? [cool]


I rarely find myself up that high, and if i really want a high E, bending up to it is easy, and sounds awesome.


I should mention however that I have a 24 fret SG though, and having that high E sometimes comes in handy, but only for soloing. And of course, if you aren't in the Key of E then it really doesn't matter.

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btw why do you want a 24 fret SG?... (sorry for spamming the topic...)


I've always liked a guitar in general to have 24 frets and SG's are my favorite guitar. I currently own an Epiphone SG Prophecy GX with Dirty Fingers pickups but prefer the neck width of the SG Special Faded a lot better. I intend on keeping my SG Prophecy but intend to add an SG Special Faded to my collection and add 2 more frets to the neck.

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