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Here's my try at the Digital Man solo by Rush...


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I was tooling around recording some stuff tonight and decided to record this while I was practicing. Alex Lifeson is a nut, but geez he really went crazy with this solo. I played this with my Strat because of the extensive whammy bar bends and dives he does with it. I believe that Alex used a Strat too but it was modified to add a humbucker. I recorded it with the song layered on top and then muted it so that you can hear what I did.


Hitting the correct pinch harmonics on a Strat is a lot harder than on a Les Paul in my opinion. Also, Alex used a lot of delay and probably cranked his amp way up. I didn't do either and you can hear my guitar just die out due to the lack of sustain. Hmm, maybe I need to get a PRS or Les Paul with a Floyd Rose (yet another reason to get another guitar!).


The link can be found here.

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That was so musical and stylishly played; nice work.


To be honest I don't know the piece to compare it to, maybe that is good though?!; because in the online Randy Rhoads community, everyone is so obsessed with everything being exactly like Randy, it is only considered good, if every bit of his playing is copied to perfection.


Classical music is the only music I think should be played note for note.



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