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tubes for bass amps are over-ra................


well, im not gonna say it, because everyone and their mother thinks that something out there is over-rated, but it really kicks ***, lots of bottom end thud, while still keeping the musical tone of the note your hearing, you hear the note and you feel the note, not many bass amps can do that!

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At the risk of sounding like a big malaka' date=' you obviously have never heard an Ampeg SVTAV or Silvertone 1483.[/quote']



at the risk of sounding like a big akalam, you dont know what I have heard [biggrin]



ampegs, GKs, markbass, workingman, trace elliot, they run and hide, I used to think a old ampeg and its 3,907 different tubes where the way to go for epic 70s rock ..............


then I heard an acoustic bass amp, ZOMG!

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Ever try the GK 800RB?

Wonderful bass amp. SS too.



Ive seen the new one's, yet to play the old ones built in the 80's I'm sure they make fine amps too.



They only reason I got turned on to "Acoustic" amp was my brother traded one of the extra drum sets we had for a 136 combo. I feel in love ever since.



I would really like to try out a Sunn Head and wonder why they are so expensive.

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