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'70s EDS 1275


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Hi All' date='


Just wondering if you come across a good 70's EDS 1275 for Sale - I'd love to know about it.


If it's '78 then all the better and if it's White and '78, then you're on my Christmas card list until I die!! (c:





The most important question I have for you is what is your budget? Based on your answer I would make some recommendations...

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New is good, especially if you're gigging with it but I've got enough new guitars and I'm trying to add a few classics and vintage's now.


LPden, I'll PM you as although budget is important I'm open to suggestions depending on what I can find.


Thanks guys, I appreciate your suggestions.



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I ordered mine from the Custom Shop in 2006 because the used ones were more expensive!

They've had a price increase since then, but under $3,000 should be possible still.


Mine is red, and the body is one piece.

Think about that for a minute.....


A ONE PIECE BODY on a double neck?

I was blown away when they opened the case.


(The glue smell from the case was deadly, it aired out in my garage for a few days.)


I would love to have a used one, good luck on your search.


Am I crazy, or did they actually make a few bodies from Walnut in the seventies?

Not a Walnut colored stain, but actual Walnut?

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