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Back up recorder.

Steven Tari

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I seem to have been out of the loop for a while and technology has seemed to have left me behind again. Started out with Reel to reel, then 8-Track,Cassette,Then CD and messing with Digatel. Tried to get a CD recorder to hook to my Studio and now I can't seem to find one that you don't have to give the left squirrel munchie for. I've been told that I could go Digital then down load it into my computer for either MP-3 or wave.Then rip a CD. I know some of y'all have your hands in (or did have) the recording business. Any tips? I like the gear I record with. I'm just looking for something I can put the songs together down on CD, so people can hear it. My Studio is for multi--stereo tracks. The CD's ripped are multi-tracked and are for mixing. I need something that I can record on a rerightable disk to play for people during the recording process.

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