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++ for Fullers

I bought a Custom Shop J 45 and a mix-up about options was not 'discovered "until after delivery. I called Jeremy about a return. Easy as pie and then when I explained what I really wanted he said he would call Gibson to see how my wants could be accommodated(I'm thinking $$$$) Jeremy was superb in handling my concerns and got Bozeman to "build" "the one I wanted" for the same price! It should be here next week....[crying]

There is a reason Gibson chooses its 5 star dealers with care....

They will get all my future business.


Oh and I first looked at them because of a recommendation from this very forum....

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Great thanks for the referral. I did check-out their website and viewed a CS '64 J-45 they offer. Have you had a chance to play one these? If so' date=' how does it compare to a Standard J-45 in acoustic tone & playabilty?[/quote']


i haven't but they have a 7 day return policy at fullers which is very generous.

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