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Newbie Comments on SG Robot


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As a new member to the forum, I wanted my first post to address the GOR. I have one of the green SG's and am extremely pleased with every aspect of the guitar. Certainly some owners of a GOR have had issues with their axe; whether it be a tuning, charging, or some other problem. Hopefully their issues get resolved fairly. I don't know how many total GOR's have been made up to this point, but based on the relatively few complaints I have read on this site, the vast majority of the owners of their GOR must be "OK" with their axe. Perhaps some of the GOR owners with axe problems are reluctant to address their displeasure in the forum; I don't know. I understand there are concerns about future upgrades, that's a big issue and something that needs to be addressed.


I believe the vast majority of guitars that leave the Gibson factory are relatively problem free. Unfortunately, just as some GOR's have problems, I'm sure there is also a small percentage of LP's, 335's, etc. that leave the plant with a problem of some kind as well.


I'm OK if a Gibson purist doesn't like my GOR; they would probably like my other Gibsons! That's my 2 cents on my GOR!:-k

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Hi iddude


Welcome to the forum[biggrin]


I am used to choosing things and doing things that the majority of people do not approve of/like[biggrin]


If I wanted to be in the majority here I would only listen to Clapton, Page, AC DC etc, buy only American products, hate anything Gibson does that is new, hate 'fast playing' a la shred etc etc...


The GOR Les Paul first edition is one of the finest guitars I have played and own :) Screw what most people think of the Robots. I love mine :-



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