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What the heck is dumprep...


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Dumprep is that little program that pops up and asks if you want to send a report to MS when another program crashes.


Why is it hogging your CPU? Probably because it can't finish doing the report. Why can't it finish it? Beats me!


What you can do as a temporary fix, is to mess around with the settings for error reporting. Doing this by memory and being used to a Swedish windows, so this might not be 100% accurate though.


1: Right click the my computer icon


2: choose 'properties' in the menu


3: advanced tab


4: Sartup, 'settings' button


5: de-select the atuomatic restart box


6: go back to the previous window, click the error reporting button


7: chose the disable error report selection, but make sure the notify me of critical errors option is selected.



That should prevent dumprep from starting, hopefully! Dumprep starts for a reason though, and that is still unsolved.


Good luck!

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