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plek sticker on my pick up


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Just bought the guitar of my dreams' date=' Les Paul Traditional and sounds brilliant

Just wondered whether this sticker impairs the pick up or devalues the guitar if peeled off?[lol




Take it off. NOW!


Makes a difference doesn't it...see.


The glue used on those stickers are well known to cut the mids on any pup,so if you've taken it off...well you should be hearing the difference for yourself by now.


But hey,I heard that Fender and Gibson are finally teaming up so it's a good day indeed.



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I hear the sticker improves the tone - almost as much as the pickguard. Plus once the sticker ages' date=' it will give the guitar a vintage mojo (thus improving the tone even more). Plus, in 50 years that sticker will be worth a grand on eBay. [blink] [/quote']


Hey, I saw a 1970 something pickguard going for 5,000 bucks! It looked brand new to me, but whatever.... I am sure it is a great deal

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Reminds me of the White Trash element in my extended family.

On the rare occasion they would buy new tires for their car, they would leave the green protective

crap covering the white walls on so everybody would know they had new tires.


Quite a status symbol among the bottom feeders on the economic ladder.


"Hey, I can afford new tires anytime I want!"


So when they were worn out and thread-bare, they still had traces of the green crap on them...



Just sayin'.....



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Feel the love.


If you take it off, save it. Stick it on the owners manual. Save the owners manual. Put it with the extra case candy that came with the guitar. Save the case candy. Keep it in the case. Keep the case. Use it when not using the guitar. Keep the guitar, it makes it easier to take stickers off once you know you are in love with it and will keep it forever.


I confess, I took my stickers off 2 months after having it. Didn't change a thing. Ok, maybe it did. I don't have stickers on it anymore. But..you guessed it. I stuck them on the owners manual. I saved the owner's manual. I put it with the extra case candy that came with the guitar. I saved the case candy. I keep it in the case. Yes, I kept the case. I use the case when I am not using the guitar. It made it easier to take the stickers off once I knew I loved the guitar and will keep it awhile.


I wonder if the sticker would have kept me from scratching it. You know, like a protective cover. Is that why they put those on there?

Maybe I should pull the stickers off the owners manual that I have with the extra case candy that I keep in the case when I am using my guitar and put them back on. Naw, it's already scratched. But I do have a great looking sticker!

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