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The kiddies came over last night for dinner.


While here, they got another guitar lesson. The improvement from last time is amazing!


When they both were using my Jubilee I could tell they didn't practice nearly enough between lessons...but since they got their Christmas presents, they DO practice, (it was obvious), and I'm VERY pleased!!


Makes it all worth while!!



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I see a family band in the making! Those Epis are good looking (as are the kids!). How do they sound (the guitars' date=' not the kids)?[/quote']


HA! Methinx a "Family Band" might be a ways off!


I'll tell you the truth.... my nephew has and Epi Dove, and one day my brother and I were in my mother's hospital room, and the nephew brought his Dove...we both played it, and thought it played well, and sounded fine. That's what gave me the confidence to buy a matched pair for the kiddies.


Those two guitars play exceptionally well even though they both still have the crappy factory strings, and factory set-up. I'm actually amazed at the quality, (considering that they cost 1/10 of what a Gibson Hummingbird/Dove would cost).


They will never approach my 30+ year old Dove, but then few guitars ever will!


I'm pleased with Kelly's playing, (she's the DIL), and with Cam's left hand, but his right hand pretty much sucks. But.... you've got to learn to walk before you can run!!

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