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Thank you Gibson Customer service for my orange label/ES-335


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I play Gibson guitars for 40 years and I have owned quite a few Gibson guitars during that time. I currently own six.


In February 2003, I purchased a brand new blond ES-335 DOT. I was told that it had been manufactured at the Custom Shop because it had a natural finish. When I received it, I saw immediately that it had no orange label in the f-hole. :- The store owner was later told by Gibson that Custom Shop guitars left the plant with no labels. I never believed that explanation. I had a 68 335 and a 65 175 with orange labels from Kalamazoo. I insisted on having a label so a few weeks later, Gibson sent to the store owner a "generic" yellow Gibson label onto which he wrote the serial number (with a error) and placed in f-hole. I was never happy with that label.


A few weeks ago, I took a picture of my six Gibsons including a 339, 359, a 335 Block and the natural 335 plus two LesPaul that became my desktop background. Right away, I saw the orange labels on the three ES guitars but not on the 335 DOT. I could not stand it. Then, I said: enough!! I needed to finally have the correct orange label in my 335. I contacted Gibson Customer Service in Nashville and after proper identification of the guitar, the team in Memphis sent me by FEDEX a pre-filled orange label that was installed the following day. Finally, after a 7-year wait, my 335 was complete.


I am grateful to the people in Customer Service in Nashville and the people in Memphis who sent me the label. Every one that I spoke to (by phone and Emails) was very professional and did their best to help me out.


Thanks again Gibson!![lol]


What model should be my seventh Gibson?

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