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What'd I do?

Andre S

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I missed it.

Who was this?


I'm usually the first person to get PM's containig phrases like "Hey *** hole..." and "Fxck you!"....


It's a language I speak fluently.




They've been back a time or two in the last few days with a hit-and-run tactic of dropping f-bombs and the like in the midst of a thread' date=' as well as selecting a few members to whom they send sophomoric attempts at insults, relying upon profanity as would a school-boy who just learned a few new dirty words.


But it's probably a former member looking for some revenge for being mistreated in some way...even though they're really a very nice person. [cool

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I miss p0rbitals.


[biggrin] [biggrin] [cool]



Been some changes in his world.


He got married last year and had to give up a few things - his masculinity possibly being one of them.




Ya never know when he might rebel, get drunk and log on though....

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Brownida - like Ida Brown. Cruzn got a pm similar. She/he hosed up a request for info on an acoustic guitar post.


Duane, during my admin/moderator days we banned ip's. Maybe that would help keep this outahere and make life easier for you. Unless they have roving ip's, then we moved to a new program that id'd harddrives. Forget what it was called, it was some time ago.

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