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SG balance - are those tail pieces essential to balance?


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Hi Folks I got an SG re-issue about six months ago. I feel I needed to rework my whole technique because the neck tends to slide down a bit.


I saw one sg where the guy drilled a new strap button behind the top horn.


Every famous pro you see with an SG has the tail piece on it but they don't use it.


So the question I have is, can I get one of those tail pieces on my 61 re-issue without major surgery? Do the tail piece holes I have now work?


Looks like the Stetbar might work? Any experience with that??

Also someone sayd the Bigsby with the Vibramate can be done without mods.


So do these things rob sustain? It looks like they put felt or ruber under them for the finish. Is it better just to drill some holes and get it done right?



Barring that I've added a small pouch to the back of my guitar strap (back button) where I've put two heavy brass slides to give me the extra balance I need on the body.


Why did gibson do this to me!?!

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It would probably help, but the aftermarket units really suck, and Gibson does NOT sell this item. You could find an original on E-bay, but you'd pay the price for a vintage item. Also, the maestro vibrato doesn't stay in tune that well, so the stop tailpiece is better for staying in tune. You'd also probably have to re-drill a hole, as the original Maestros were grounded by the bottom of the vibrato, near the strap button. The OTHER suggestions presented so far would be better.

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