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A few people have asked, so...


It's Ricky from the Trailer Park Boys. He's basically an idiot dope grower. Funniest show ever, in my opinion. The things they say & get away are are things I'd only expect from a cartoon. I'd post a clip but this thread would probably get locked this thread due to the language. Youtube it, if you like.

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I thought maybe it was some inside joke between you and Neoconman. Have you seen his avatar lately?

Yeah' date=' sorta.

Except Tim wasn't in on it either....


I was downloading pics from our trip over the holidays and that one reminded me of Tim's.

I had no idea who was in Tim's, so I thought I would avoid the mystery on my end.




I bought the Border Patrol hat as we were leaving Bisbee for home.

(I rarely wear hats by the way.)

We were driving along and came to a highway border checkpoint, a common thing near the Mexican Border.

We both had a chuckle at the idea of the Border Patrol seeing us in my loaded truck with room to smuggle....


I figured we would get searched, they simply asked if we were Americans.

Mrs. Neo and I are about as Anglo as it gets, so, yeah...


They waved us through.

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