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Ryan Bingham Solo of The Weary Kind

Greg Ferguson

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excellent' date=' this is one of the great things about california, i saw your post just now and have powered up the old television. Bingham time 15 minutes. [lol][/quote']


Fantastic. Glad you were able to catch it.


I love it when music like this is featured on major network television. It doesn't happen that much, and Ryan is great.


Hope this movie does well. It could do for this kind of music what "Oh, Brother" did for mountain music (I'm from Appalachia). I also love this kind of music. Look at this soundtrack (I've already pre-ordered)!


1. Hold On You (Jeff Bridges)

2. Hello Trouble (Buck Owens)

3. My Baby s Gone (Louvin Brothers)

4. Somebody Else (Stephen Bruton) (Instrumental)

5. Somebody Else (Jeff Bridges)

6. I Don t Know (Ryan Bingham)

7. Wesley Plays Piano (Thomas Canning)

8. Searching (Kitty Wells)

9. I Don t Know (Jeff Bridges)

10. Once A Gambler (Lightnin Hopkins)

11. Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way (Waylon Jennings)

12. I Let the Freight Train Carry Me On (Delmore Brothers)

13. Color of the Blues (George Jones)

14. Joy (Lucinda Williams)

15. Fallin & Flyin (Colin Farrell & Jeff Bridges)

16. Gone, Gone, Gone (Colin Farrell)

17. If I Needed You (Townes Van Zandt)

18. Reflecting Light (Sam Phillips)

19. Mal Hombre (Lydia Mendoza)

20. Live Forever (Robert Duvall)

21. Brand New Angel (Jeff Bridges)

22. The Weary Kind (Ryan Bingham)

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Letterman had Ryan Bingham as the musical guest tonight (Monday) performing solo "The Weary Kind" Great performance. Posted in case you are interested' date=' and the video might be available on the show's Web site.[/quote']


Greg, what kind of Gibson acoustic was Bingham playing?



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