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yes i noted that... dont know if you managed to read my reply to that one... (a little extensive)


now from the beggining... what is it you need to do? just record some guitars or do you want to do something more?


once you record a simple chord and start playing something on top of it... youll never go back... you will want more and more... and loops and bass lines... so, are you sure you want to go in there?


if you are.. then i can give you a lot of tips about what to buy and wht not to... stay away from line6s' guitarport and such things... you have a nice amp and a nice guitar... so the best way to go is a good mic, a good (but simple) interface and a computer... you can do without a computer, but nowadays recording software works on almos every computer.

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Yes, I got your response and I responded back...then it vanished.

Did I offend the powers that be at Gibson? lol


You seem to have vast knowledge on recording. I record through the air. Phones ring, my daughter

pleads for mall money...it all get captured in my recordings.


Thanks for your input. I dont want to get too intense and spend loads of money. Ill have to weight

my options.

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