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1965 SG Project- Update


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This project 1965 SG Standard that I bought is at Lay's Guitar Shop being refinished.

The black paint has been stripped.


Biggest surprise was on the face of the headstock.

It appears that when they replaced the nut they broke the area around it.

Then they globbed on wood filler- there was so much that the truss rod nut was encased in it.

Then when they sanded it, they sanded through the veneer.


Also a bad repair job around the heel, which will have to be redone.


I have all of the original parts except the neck pickup and the tuners, for which I bought correct replacements.


I should have it back in a month or so.























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It will be restored back to original specs.


The stoptail holes will be plugged, the Maestro Vibrola put back in working order.

It will be cherry red as it originally was.


This is what it will look like when it's finished.



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Kinda like my project...




Good luck with it' date=' be careful around that old repair, my headstock dropped off yesterday as the old (bad) repair gave up. Keep us posted.[/quote']


There are no breaks in the wood.


There was a crack around the heel, which probably came from an impact which also loosened the neck.

It was poorly repaired, but there are no neck breaks of any kind.


The veneer repair on the headstock is purely cosmetic, there is no structural damage.


The heel repair will be redone the right way with the original hide glue.


When this SG is done, it will not be as valuable as a $20k mint original one, but it will look/play/sound as good as any big bucks collectible.

All for about $2500.


You could never get a nice '65 SG for anywhere near that cost.

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