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J200 action adjustment

gibson oz

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Thats what my Luthier is doing .. basically lowering down the bridge, by sanding it down. because i have exactly the same issue, and beautiful as the guitar sounds, it’s not comfortable to play after a while. 

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I want to add photo but it seems its over the size limit
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The bridge controls most (about 95%) of your action. You said the nut slots were really low. The nut only has an affect on 6 notes (the 6 open notes after you fret at the first fret or higher the nut has nothing to do with any of the notes on that string). And if the luthier is having to shave your bridge to lower the action because he can't lower the saddle anymore then, yes you may need a neck reset even if its a new guitar. 

Damn it I just got sucked into another Zombie Thread.

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Hahaha I remember this thread the first time around eleven years ago, starring Mensa member Mark Lee, with his phosphor bronze Allen key (same thing as a socket wrench apparently, his is both!) and his Oxford degree which taught him that archtops sound like oboes and flat tops sound like flutes 🤣🤣

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