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339 truss rod adjustment


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Hey guys

How often should I need to straighten the neck on my 339? I like a very straight neck w a kiss of bow. It seems like I am having to adjust it almost weekly, and my cue to check it is that I can feel the action seems high. I was told to expect to be more aware of it than my Strat neck, which a solid piece of quarter-sawn maple. Am I in danger of messing up my baby?

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Stop tightening it right now and get it to a reputable Luthier or guitar tech ASAP (days not weeks).

It shouldn't be doing that at all, something is most certainly wrong with it.


Many years ago I has a Tokai LP that was doing the same thing action going too high around every 20 to 30 days so a slight tweak of the truss rod always brought it back, BUT eventually a crack appeared in the back of neck (on the curved side) between the 1st and 2nd frets resulting in 1 guitar for parts only as the cost of re-necking it was way more than a new guitar.


As a matter of interest, how old is this guitar, how long has this been happening for and how far have you tightened the rod nut up to now?

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