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I'm getting this message everytime I try to post or view some threads


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The website "forums.gibson.com" has elements or links from "forum.uncoverreality.com" which apears to be host to malicious software, spyware, or viruses.


Or something like that... I get it in spanish (don't know why, I have my computer set to english, must be the time zone).


This morning it happened only on Cali-man's thread but now it happens almost every time I enter a thread, and if it doesn't happen then, then it happens when I try to post a reply.

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Rich... I cannot enter that link (I think that one's the crunz is the virus thread) I was able to enter it when it was posted' date=' now I can't.[/quote']


Sorry about that. Here's a repost of what I wrote:


It's not your computer' date=' Cruzn. It's the image in your signature as it's hosted on a web site that is flagged:




Either save the image locally then upload it to some other site and relink to the new location in your sig or get rid of it altogether.[/quote']


By the way' date=' nobody who is getting the warning message is getting a virus, you're just getting... a warning message. Firefox and Chrome have that system built in and check against a list of web sites that have been flagged as being malicious so that's the just the browser's way of keeping you safe. I don't know if Internet Explorer has the same thing built in or not but, either way, you should be fine as that little animated gif in Cruzn's sig can't hurt you.[/quote']
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