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I just received my Dusk TIGER and....ITS AMAZING,


But where the hell is the manual?

You're killing me here Gibson.:- [blink]




How do I change the strings on this beast?


like seriously its an enigma, I'd do anything for a video on how to do it or something!


Please help me out?[cool]

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I ask the same question in another thread....below is the response i received from Tropical:



The system operates in four different modes with different functionality, identified by the

display color:


- The Tune mode (blue) offers tuning selection without changing the current sound

- ?The Sound mode (green) offers sound selection without changing the current tuning

- The Preset mode (yellow) changes both tuning and sound.

- ?The Function mode (red) offers access to special functions


For String Up / String Down:

Activate the system by pulling on the MCK, now access Function Mode (Red) by slightly pushing 4 times (Enter) on the MCK.


Function Mode (Red)

In Function mode, the user can select different system functions.

To select a function, the user turns the MCK to its position. The outer LEDs reflect the current

MCK position, the center display scrolls through a short version of the function name and

then shows the function ID. A function is activated by pressing Enter for longer than one

second. Pushing Enter for less than one second changes back to Sound mode, more short presses will toggle through all other modes.



String Down (“DWN”, D-position)

Can be used to detune all strings.

On activation, all strings of the guitar are tuned down. The strings are detuned in groups of

two, until the user leaves the String Down function by turning the MCK or until a short circuit

occurs due to a detuned string touching another string.



String Up (“UP”, A-position)

Can be used to tune up individual strings.

On activation, all string position LEDs are turned red. The user can select individual strings

using the MCK. The LED of the selected string will turn blue. When pressing enter, the

currently selected string will be tuned up for a fixed interval (about 5 half steps).

An alternate method is to slightly knock on the string bar of the bridge saddles. When such a knock is detected, the system will tune up the corresponding string. When the string has enough

tension to not touch the frets or another string, it can be plucked. If a frequency is then

detected, the string will be brought up to the pitch of the currently selected tuning. If a string

is brought into tune with this method, its LED will change to green. After this, the string pitch

can’t be changed by either method until the String Up function is left.

Pressing Long Enter will leave the String Up function.

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