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Advanced Jumbo, through-saddle help..


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Hi - I've just joined the forum, and look forward to gaining some more Gibson knowledge from the folks here.. I was wondering if I could get some input from those who have experience with the AJ through-saddle.


I've just flipped for the AJ I'm considering purchasing, but the saddle height seems to be fairly low, even new. The good news is that the action is a bit low for me, and I could certainly have a new one made with a little more material. I was wondering if the AJ's through saddles glued in?


I appreciate any thoughts -



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They are not glued in, but might need a "slight" amount of encouragement, to pull out!! Or.......it might be a little loose.

I've never had one that was loose, but others on the forum have.

Congrats on a wonderful guitar,,welcome to the forum, & we do expect to see some pics of this beauty!!

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Thanks for the info, Paul - I should be closing the deal on Sunday. I'll most definitely post a few pics..


I'll tell you, for me, the AJ is simply one of the most satisfying acoustic guitars I've ever picked up. I'm not sure how much attention my others are going to get when this comes 'home'!

Take care,


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