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What pickup is in my Dove; it's a 2006?


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I'm assuming that it's a factory installation but don't know that for sure. It sounds a liittle dull and bottom heavy when compared to my Takamine TAN 15C when plugged in directly to my PA.


I have an L.R. Baggs Para DI with 5 band EQ that I can use to brighten it up a bit. I can give it a try late tomorrow as I'll be travelling till tomorrow night.





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When I switched from Takamine acoustics to Gibsons a few years ago, I too found initially that the plugged in sound was a "duller" tone, but persevere with it-it's just a case of your ears adjusting!


The Gibson amplified tone is generally full and rich, and can sometimes need a little taming in the bottom end, but my main stage guitar, a 2003 SJ200, gets endless comments from audience members and soundmen about how great the amplified tone is.


As recently as last Friday night, I've shared the stage with many Takamine players, and Taks usually sound a little TOO bright to my ears now. Just me, though.

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