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Width of guitar necks


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Does anyone else share my life long problem, that my fingers are too thick for 99,9% of the guitars (Spanish guitars not included)?

Why don't they sell the top of necks in 2 sizes, the standard one and a 50mm one?

It would solve my big problem and I think many, many others's!

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Your "problem" is not uncommon, but there is hope.


There are a few models that that featured "slim-taper" necks, which were featured on '60s model Gibsons ('60 LP Standards, SGs, ES 335s, etc). Today, many of the new guitars are made with these profiles (Gibson LP Classics (discontinued), '60 RIs, SGs, and many hollow-body/acoustic models). My advise would be to check out some of the the models mentioned above, just to get an idea.


If you can't find one your happy/confortable with, the other option would be to have the neck sanded down to a custom profile. I know many people who have done this, and they couldn't be happier.


Good luck.



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