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Greetings ladies and gentlemen. I've got this guitar that I can't find much information on. So I'm banging around the internet for a couple years and it finally hits me, "Why don't you ask someone ya' idiot?". So that's why I'm here and that's what I'm going to do.


Here is the basic information....


Gibson Les Paul Studio Standard

SN. 80315589

January 31, 1985

Nashville Factory


"Tobacco Burst" <---- I think that's the right one, it's light brown flaring out to dark brown on the edges.


I 'think' that information is right. Not sure tho, I hear the numbers get mixed sometimes.


Here is the kicker, I'm not sure if this is original or not....


Seymour Duncan Pickups (2)

Grover Flip-out Winding Tuning Heads


Here is the other kicker. I had no idea Gibson ever made these things....


Factory Gibson Locking Tremolo System w/original bar <--- people say this is floyd rose, but it says "Gibson" on it.


It also has....


Original Case

Original Pickguard


First and foremost, does ANYONE have one of these out there in Gibsonville?

Does anyone know "around" how much one like this is worth? I can't find one like it anywhere. I see alot of studios out there but none with this tremolo system on it. I've got photos, but they are bad quality and I'll have to learn how to upload them (if I can here). But any information would be appreciated with this. I'm not a "collector" and I'm not just itching to sell it. Just want to know what I have. It plays like a dream and sounds beefy so I use it alot gigging and such. But if it's something special maybe I shouldn't.


side note:


This thing has normal wear and tear on it and some brown/green stuff is beginning to grow here and there. That doesn't bother me much, I'm old and growing brown/green stuff on me too. One of the fine tuners has went on vacation, not sure if that is replaceable or not. The case is plastic and besides the lining coming unglued at the headstock area it's in good condition. At the moment I have the pick guard off but I've got it and the screws in the case. I'm always worried that I'm going to break it somehow playing live.

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Welcome to the forum.


Have you tried calling Gibson? They are extremely helpful and are open 24/7. I would suggest giving them a ring and they will give you the specs on your guitar.


Most of the stuff you have written looks correct according to the serial number. If there is no extra holes on the headstock where kluson-style tuners would be screwed in, the grovers are most likely factory.


Let's see some pics!

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@ Parataxic Lounge


Gibson Customer Service sent me an old ad, when I asked about my guitar (an ´83 Studio Custom) and one of the guitars on the frontpage resembles the one in your avatar... The best way would be to sent Gibson Customer Service pictures of you guitar...


The ad says nothing about the vibrato installed there... but I`m pretty much sure that the pick ups aren`t stock (but always ask gibson to be sure)....


(And I remember someone else asked about this guitar too... I just can`t remember the name of the user or if he ever returned to look into the thread again...)


Edit: About the serial number... following the logic of the number it was the 589th guitar of the 31st day of that year...


And here is one in white for example (though without vibrato).

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