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I'm thinking about getting a PRS and I have a question.


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Thanks Neo. My problem is that I'm a researcher and sometimes I over-think things! I've been looking/playing PRS guitars seriously for the last six months. My poor wife not only has to hear about what great new theory I've derived in my day job, but she also has to hear about how each guitar I'm looking at is special in its own way. God bless her for putting with me...

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Maybe she could form a Support Group with Mrs. Neo' date=' eh?[/quote']


Sounds like a great idea! Your wife must have a great sense of humor like mine does. So we could call it the WAGS (Wives Appreciating GASing Spouses) Support Group...

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Actually' date=' I think Carvin builds a better guitar........


Just sayin'.......[/quote']



Nobody is really responding to your hate on PRS, try something else maybe #-o


I have never played a Carvin, so I can't say how I like em


I have played PRS SE, and a PRS Custom 22, and I love 'em

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I don't really care for Carvin guitars. I have played a BUNCH of them at NAMM and at the Carvin store on Sunset in Hollywood. They just don't do it for me.


I would say most of their guitars are somewhere between Ibanez and PRS.


They're well built but they just lack something (in my experience anyway).


I do like their acoustics though. Still wouldn't buy one though.


Their amps, PAs, mixers, etc are cool IMO. My friend has a Carvin halfstack that just sounds great.

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MOPS. Murph's Opposing PRS Sounds...




Sorry man, I've played DOZENS of PRS guitars, I'm a bar gigger, I go to Nashville and mess with George Gruhn at least once a year, and have played his new guitar. I would pick his way over a PRS, but I would also pick a TL60, el cheapo Carvin over a PRS....


Actually, even a bolt.......


Just sayin'......

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