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What's in a name?


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You know how hard it is to find the right name for your band, right?


A friend of mine, on his first teaching job after graduation, was assigned a small group of developmentally disabled children. The kids were all sweet as they could be but none of their previous teachers had found the key to opening them up to learning and growing. My friend, an amateur musician, thought he might have some success with teaching the children some simple songs.


Well, sure enough, the kids responded immediately and positively to singing and, more importantly, to learning and doing something together as a group. The other teachers were astonished and excited with my friend's apparent successes. When they asked him how he got the kids to stay with it all the way through a song, he told them he rewarded them when they learned an entire song. He gave them a coke and candy bar. And, as he noted, thereafter the kids were fairly excitable for some time before he could calm them down enough to go on with their classes.


An older, wiser person spoke up on the subject of sugar rushes and crashes and it was suggested an alternative be tried. So my friend, the following day, rewarded his kids with an apple and a can of Tab, no sugar. Perfect solution; the kids loved it and didn't experience any unpleasant side-effects.


After almost an entire year of learning new songs and performing for various local functions, the little school choir became somewhat well known throughout their state. Eventually, through various professional contacts, someone from Carnegie Hall contacted the school with a request for a concert performance by their little choir. It was stupendous, the greatest thing ever to happen in the history of the school. And, of course, it was agreed, after discussing matters among the students and their families, that the concert would happen. The only catch was they needed a name. They'd never been anything but the school choir...and now they needed a name.


My friend went home over the weekend and put himself into the naming of his little choir with all his heart and soul. And, after many hours of good and not-so-good ideas, he finally decided upon the name he though would best fit the occasion. He called the representative from Carnegie Hall and gave him the good news, the flyers and posters were printed immediately and the ads were placed in all the newspapers, reading...



Carnegie Hall Welcomes the Moron Tab and Apple Choir


I'll get me hat.

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