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Really!? WTF!!

Andre S

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This really deserved its own thread. sorry.


I got up read some replies here, and went back at it. I unsoldered the ground from the bridge and the switch and then the output jack cabled moved and touched the neck capacitor.


The inner wire was right below and the braided wire resting against the cap.


What do you know?

I get sound with no feedback!


There's no ground attached!


Should I fix the ground?


When I am done, and I get my sound back, I am adding in the Jensen cap to the bridge since the neck seems kinda finicky right now with the speaker jack right there.

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Shake it off...........take some deep breaths........


take your time' date=' it's not going anywhere.


Good Luck![/quote']



At least I can play it till I can get it fixed.


Oh and btw its not the neck volume its a neck tone.


There is a master tone and no tone

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This is one hell of a learning experience isn't it? The guys here are giving you some great advice. Leave it alone for a couple of days and then start from scratch. If this doesn't solve your problem, then take it to a pro. You're putting yourself through some needless anxiety. [blink]

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As I said...start again from scratch.[blink]



Do what Lowdown says. What you describe sounds like you've connected some things that aren't supposed to be connected and in the process initially shorted the output jack. Unsolder everything and start from step one. Pay lots of attention to how you solder, don't let anything touch that's not supposed to touch (even insulated wires), and make sure that no solder runs over or into places it's not supposed to be.

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