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Anyone own a ES-295?


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I have the Epi version. I saw a real one at the Texas Guitar show this weekend, and (excepting the original's trapeze tail piece), Epi did well evoking the spirit of the original (or I should say Peerless in Korea did a good job. At least, I think Peerless built mine. I'm too lazy right now to get up and check!). I'm sure there are differences, but the original is so rare I doubt there would be many who could point a great number of them unless they were side by side.


The Epi's build quaility is not as high as their Elitist series (at least as far as attention to detail in the binding and finish--the things you can see; the wood is covered in gold paint), but I'd say it was pretty good for a budget archtop. Very playable all along the neck. Unplugged, it sounds surprising loud, though not warm. I don't think one would use it acoustically except to practice without disturbing others, though it's not really designed for that anyway, what with the thick laminated top. I've never had a problem with the stock Epi P90's (I have a Wildkat, too), and they don't disapoint in this application. I don't actually use the Bigsby much, but it seems to work fine. You certainly can't easily find another guitar like Epi's 295 anywhere else!


Red 333

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