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Update on my epi les paul project... an epi no more...


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Well as i said in my last thread about the first electric i owned, i am refinishing her (almost done), and i think i made a horrible terrible mistake... lets see if one of you finds out...


Here are some more pics... i just finished with the electronics, now is time to set her up, with luck shell be ready to play tonight.


Feel free to post any comments and critics... but please dont make fun of me, it is after all the first time i engage in something like this...





Look at the reflection of the 9V battery (and my shoe) on the floor!!!








...well... any comments?

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...dont worry tim' date=' i want to put an epi logo but in gold, and a little threehorn (asatru symboll) where the word "special" was... oh and an "E" like the ones on old epis on the pickguard... would that be a little cheesy?


...so nobody noticed... shall i tell?[/quote']

I guess so, if you want. It's definately not something easily visable, so, it probably wouldn't even matter. You did very well, by the way, it looks gorgeous!

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i took the pics wiht my cell phone so they arent very good... hey Tim, does gold hardware, black rings and EMGs have anything to do with you liking the back better?


i cant believe nobody noticed... so it may not have been such a terrible mistake... i know a lot of people dont like the shape of epiphone headstocks (ok, i just went up and said it...)



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Hey Thundergod real good job' date=' I'm impressed. Tell me what did you use 81/85's or 81/60's and what kind of bridge and tail peice is that[/quote']


81/85 the zakk wylde set actually... has been on the guitar for 4 years now... the bridge and stop tail are schaller (roller bridge and fine tunning tailpiece), but they fit gibson and epi without any mods.

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Thanks a lot for all your comments guys, i'm really proud of her... now i can have her next to my gibby without felling bad for her! =P~/ i think she will be a fine backup guitar if i ever play live again...


Thanks again for all your comments.


here's before and after



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When you puttin' the stripes back on man? Don't look finished without them!


Also, why didn't you cut the headstock into an open book shape (Gibson style) and put a Gibson logo on it?




aka Devil's Advocate! >:-)


Great job, regardless of first effort; really pro!

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