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I'm Confused about my Gibson SG, Please help.


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Hey, I was recently given a Gibson SG and really want to know some more about it. I think that it was made in 1988 so I looked up 1988 Gibson SGs and mine looks nothing like them. I'll post some pictures, could someone please tell me if some of the parts have been changed or something. Its a bit banged up and missing a few knobs and the number on the back of the headstock is 83478519 if that helps at all.








If you need anymore pictures or information just ask.

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Yes, it looks like SG 90 Double with out the trem.


And, looking at the SG 90 single, shown with out a trem here:



The SG 90 Double was probably available without the trem and probably would've had a string-through body as shown in the Single pic.


BTW, nice lookin' guitar. Love the fret markers. How do the pups sound? [crying]

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Yep, it's a Gibson SG-90 Double, made December 1988.

There was also an SG-90 Single with just the humbucker fitted.

They were 24 fret with a 25.5 inch scale length (Fender size) as opposed to 24.75 inch (standard Gibson scale length).

They were made with three bridge options - fixed bridge (like yours), Floyd Rose, or with the Steinberger locking tremolo.

They were made from Late '88 and I believe (but am not sure) that they were phased out some time in 1990.


Hope this is of some help to you.




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