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SW registration question


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Hi, Just bought a new Dark Fire yesterday, and am having trouble with restering the SW online. It is asking for a customer code, I have tried the code that cam on my SW sleeve, which looked like that was teh code they were looking for, as it was in this format...( xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx), but no luck,


Given there was a notice in the packaging that said not load the SW until I had registers, I am not sure where to go,


Great Guita though

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I'm French and I had the same problem.

For Dark Fire Guitar:

I contacted Gibson-mail that told me that registration was not necessary is just to the United States, not for Europe.


For software:

For "ableton" and "guitar rig" the numbers pasted on his cd package on a stickers.


To unlock "guitar rig" and must create an account on their site with the serial number.

Then they sends you mail with two files that for unlock the software.

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