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Coca Cola or Pepsi?


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I liked either/or back when they had glass bottles and used real sugar.

It's still available, still bottled that way in many other countries - like Mexico.

With my relative proximity, I can get it in many stores in the Phoenix area.


Tastes like dirt.

I'm not the only one around here who thinks so.


When I saw that display of bottles with real sugar, I was joyous!!!

Now, not so much.

Why is nothing ever like we remembered?



I prefer Coke.

Even when I worked for Pepsi one summer out of high school.

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Diet Dr. Pepper[biggrin]


In my experience' date=' Diet Dr. Pepper is the best diet soda out there. It tastes remarkably close to the standard one.


On the other hand, Diet Mountain Dew gets my vote for the [i']worst[/i] diet soda out there. Horse piss straight from the d*ck...pardon the unsettling mental image.


Diet sodas are hard to get used to--Diet Coke took me about two months, Diet Pepsi about two and a half. Diet Dr. Pepper really did catch on with me right away. Diet Mountain Dew...it's not going to happen. Raw sewage in a can. Again, pardon the imagery.


Of course, that's just me. I know people who love Diet Mountain Dew and won't touch Diet Dr. Pepper. Avatar won Best Picture at the Golden Globes. Strange things happen in this world--go figure.

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I can drink Coke only from a soda fountain. Cherry Coke I actually like but I am Pepsi all the way. I drink it so much that when I cut back on my consumption, Pepsi called me and asked if I was ok. They noticed there was a large drop in sales in the Richmond, VA area. Yeah, I really do drink that much Pepsi.


I have a Pepsi tattoo.


No I'm lying.











Or am I?













Yes. I am. About the tattoo.

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I used to guzzle coke.


Now... coffee until suppertime' date=' then OJ. OJ until I make my morning coffee. Then it's coffee until supper time. Usually 3-4 12-cup pots a day.





I drink a glass of orange juice every morning. Well I try to anyways. Sometimes we don't have orange juice though.

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