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Coca Cola or Pepsi?

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WFang -    Yeah.  I get a kick out of folks who make references to  their location, without disclosing it.     I get a bigger kick, literally, out of the new Coke product that, like this thread, combines cola and caffeine.    If  I weren't boycotting Coke, I'd probably buy a case a month.   Instead of 2 cans a month. 

My favorite 'brand' of coffee is IHOP.    I'm not sure where you can find it, or if they have a special way of making it (we use to put a pinch of salt in the aluminum 30 cup coffee maker, and never wash it) but  IHOP's coffee always seems twice as good as any I have found anywhere.  

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NOTES; Since when was B.J's a "local" grocery store?  'Round here, they just made a foothold, and they're just another warehouse club type barn like Sam's Club.  NOT the kind of place you run int

I couldn't vote......   Budweiser was missing......

My wife loves the Dr. Pepper Cream soda they have now.

22 hours ago, Whitefang said:


Since when was B.J's a "local" grocery store?  'Round here, they just made a foothold, and they're just another warehouse club type barn like Sam's Club.  NOT the kind of place you run into real quick for something.  Unless you happen to be in real quick need of a 5 gallon  container of mayonnaise.  [wink]

And for you, what area would that be?  I'm upfront about mine.  [cool]


You are correct, they aren't "local", they are definitely a chain. They are not too far from my house, so I think of them as local in area anyway.

Full disclosure: 😄 The "local" BJs is in Jensen Beach, Florida.

Yes, they sell things in bigger quantities, they are warehouse-ish, but they also have a nice deli, I get $0.10 off per gallon of gas, the prices are good, and they are across the parking lot from Aldi and across the street from Publix, so I get all my shopping


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I'm going back and forth with a guy in another forum about Costco shopping(which in these parts now is no different from BJ's of Sam's Club)  and how my wife and I (former Sam's Club members) would joke about going there to lunch on all the samples they'd offer all the time.  [wink]   Back in "the day" we used to belong to one of the WAREHOUSE CLUB locations, all of which are gone now.   And since I'm retired and now a widower I have no need for getting many groceries, and other health and physical issues keep me from going many places and often enough to need getting gas for my car more often than once every three weeks or more.  And for the last few years there's been no real difference between the prices at Aldi and the Meijer store I frequent(which ids closer to home) except for some items.  So I usually go to either, depending on what I need.   And the Farmer's market my grand nephew manages has an excellent deli and top shelf produce..


Coke has always had caffeine, so I don't get what's so "new" about what you brought up.  And as you know, IHOP is a restaurant chain, and they no doubt sell their coffee at any restaurant location.  I've never seen it in the stores I frequent, but I'm willing to bet it's on par with DUNKIN'  and that McCAFE McDonald's is peddling now.   Much as I like coffee, I taste no difference twixt Dunkin', Tim Horton's, Krispy Kreme  and McCAFE at all.   The only major coffee that's different is Starbuck's, which I don't consider fit to drink anyway.  I suppose if you're the kind of person who goes in for those Baskin-Robbins type coffee stands, it's OK, but just straight it pretty much sucks.  It actually NEEDS to offer 31 flavors in order to be drinkable.  :rolleyes:


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