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Popping / Clicking Noises


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I have a GOR I purchased when they were introduced in 2007. I have been recording recently and I have noticed what sounds like light popping / clicking noises when playing. They are regularly spaced and are pretty noticeable if you are playing with a clean tone. Just to dispel the obvious question, no the MCK is not engaged or otherwise active when this is happening [biggrin] This seems to occur with normal playing on a variety of amps and with none of my other guitars.


Anyone noticed something like this? I can throw up an audio clip if it helps.


Thanks in advance for any insight!

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sorry to hear that.

The GOR has no active electronics involved in the audio path.

When the MCK is in the OFF position, the signal is routed through only.

Make sure that your MCK is fully pushed downwards the body and the system is OFF!!


Could you report the time interval of the noise??

An audio file would be great.



You play. We tune.

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