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Do U Think That The RHCP are OVERRATED?


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What is the Rating Scale? is there are forumula to know a result and then place that result in the scale to then figure out if they are over or underrated?


I was never a big fan but they have their own thing going and make a lot of people happy with their music.

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I can't get through an entire RHCP album, but overrated? You know, I'm not sure. How do you determine something like that?


I suppose it's a matter of looking at your own opinion, and seeing how it matches up with others. To you, someone who doesn't like RHCP, you think they're overrated because so many people dig them. Those people, however, don't find them to be overrated in the least--they find them to be just as well liked as they think they ought to be. Say, however, that you're a huge Bad Company fan (just for comparison's sake--I don't know you well enough to say,) and you find that most people hear their stuff and go "How can you listen to this trash?" Now, you may love Bad Company. I know I do. But lots of others (this is just an assumption, for the sake of demonstration) can't stand 'em--would you call them underrated? Maybe. But there's plenty of others who would argue against that.


That question, then, can only be relevant to those who haven't realized that their own opinions are only as valid as those of others. I spent a lot of time worrying about stuff like that before I decided that it wasn't worth thinking about. But hey, I won't stop you--I'm just offering up a bit of my own experience.

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I went for years not rating them at all then started to listen to their albums and now rate them so I suppose as an average rating I neither under or over rated the band and their music either. I agree I did under rate them pre hearing though if that helps.

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Now' date=' you may love Bad Company. [/quote']

Indeed I do.


EXCELLENT taste my young friend!!!





Of course, I was buying their albums as they were released - eagerly awaiting the next.


Run With The Pack is still one of my all time Top Tens.

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I think Californiacation has to be there greatest work of art, There is a lot killer songs (meaning radio play) on that CD.






are they great as The Beatles?



No, but "MOSTLY" everyone likes them regardless of musical taste. You can't really hate em' unless you really try too.




When they do a song right, they can make a pretty awesome song.

I think a lot of it gets annoying though, you can only have so much slap bass and triplets on a snare for so many songs until you want to commit suicide out of boredom.

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Overrated? Not at all. Frusciante, Flea, and Chad are insanely talented musicians with killer chemistry. Hell, Frusciante and Flea could release an album of hand clapping and I'd dig it. It's Anthony Kiedis that I don't get. He is an entertaining front man and does write some good lyrics, but he very unmusical. Sings out of time half the time and the other half he is not in key. You'd think that after 20+ years of fronting a rock band he'd get it together.


Frusciante was the greatest thing to happen to that band and now he's gone. At least we'll be blessed with more of his solo material.

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You can't really hate em' unless you really try too.


Wrong. Absolutely' date=' completely wrong. I tried hard to [i']like[/i] them. I mean, really hard. I tried so hard because I thought that if I didn't love 'em, there was something wrong with me.


There might be something wrong with me, but, regardless of that, it turns out that I just don't like them. There's no explanation behind it--they defy what, to me, makes musical sense in a way that makes me question whether or not it's actually even music. I've accepted that it is (in the same way that I've been able to accept that rap, trance and Celine Dion are music,) but not what I'd care to listen to. You can't explain taste, and you can't try to change my tastes. I just never "got" RHCP. I hope I can be forgiven.


I know, I know, I've lost another group of people because I don't like RHCP. It seems as if people tend to dehumanize me based on my tastes.


Gimme some honest music any ol' day.






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They used to be Overrated' date=' but now that no one really cares about 'em, I guess they're [b']properly rated[/b].


[biggrin]/ [biggrin]/ :D/


Yeah, that's one way to look at it!




Hey, Chad turns out to be a damned decent drummer with Chickenfoot. I never paid any attention before.

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As a band with 20 ish years under their belt, some is good and some not so.


I'm not sure what they got through more of; heroin or guitarists.


Ok, that's in bad taste as they lost their founding guitarist to a heroin O/D - but still.


BSSM was, and still is, an amazing album though - really.


I mean, Frusciante's guitar on Under The Bridge is just amazing - his timing sucks but it just shines.


Overrated.....? Who isn't these days?


I wouldn't kick off a debate about a real band such as RHCP when there's easier targets out there. Jonas Brothers anyone..?

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