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my fave ritchie blackmoore solo...

S t e v e

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great album this too "streight between the eyes"' date=' blackmoore is a true guitar god!...listen to the opening riff, now i now where tony iommi got his riffs from! [biggrin']

I believe it's the other way around my friend[tongue] , but yes Blackmoore is great in his own right[biggrin] But my opinion and 65 cents will get you a soda:-"

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I also think that the best Blackmore solos are those in ''highway star'' & ''Child in time''.


And I find the Iommi comment a true sacrilege. The man invended a new musical genre from his fingers and took 2 decades for others to even start copying him...


But then again, I also find a true sacrilege the fact that Blackmore used the name ''Rainbow'' to support his mediocre commercial endeavours after kicking Ronnie James Dio from the band...


But that's just me I guess...[biggrin]

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