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Please Help Me !!! Is my SG authenthic !??


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Hi everyone ! I´ve just bought a 1992 SG Standard cherry.

The serial in the back of the head is: 94042871.

I´m very confused about the day and month because i think 404 is not a day of an year !

It´s a fake??? It´s look very real for me !!

Please help me !!!!

Thanks a lot !!!!!!

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It's actually a '94.

In 1994, Gibson was celebrating their 100th anniversary so every serial number that year started with "94". The rest of the numbers are just the production number which started at 00001 and went up as the year progressed. There's no way to find the actual day of production on the '94s.


Call 1-800-4GIBSON, give them the serial number, and they'll confirm this.

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