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What year is my es-330td?


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There is a member of these forums that goes by the name of "Notes Norton". He is the self-proclaimed expert on all things ES-330. If he doesn't find this thread and reply, try doing a member search and send him a PM.

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I'm finally getting around to some instrument insurance and realized that i need to confirm its year.


Can someone help me with that? the serial number (on the back of the headstock) is 104276.





Some questions:


Ink stamped number on the back of the headstock, or is it "imprinted" into

the wood?


Long neck version (19th fret joint, from 1968-'72), or short neck...like the Epiphone Casino,

where the body joins the neck at the 15th or (in the case of the Casino) 16th fret?


"Dot" (1959-1961-2) or small "Block" ('62 on) fingerboard inlays?


Black plastic pickup covers ('59 to mid-'62), or nickel or chome covers?


More rounded ('59 to early/mid '62), or less rounded...more pointed (mid '62 on) upper bout "horns?"


What color..."sunburst," "natural," or "cherry," or "sparkling burgandy (1967-1969 only)" or "Walnut Brown"



Chrome, or Nickel plated parts? (Chrome replaced Nickel parts, in 1965)


Guitar dater (which is questionable, at times) says Kalamazoo OR Nashville made, in 1970-72

time frame...according to just your serial number. BUT...With answers to the above questions,

I'm reasonably sure, we can narrow it down, a bit. Original ES-330's were discontinued, in 1972.

The long neck version, was recently reissued, by Gibson.




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