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Shnate McDuanus

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Continuing from my final post in that thread. [biggrin]


Sorry, I'm just an honest-to-god nerd at heart.


Star Wars was just a great little film series that's turned into a great big franchise. Some of the permutations of it have been great--I've read a lot of tie-in novels that I found to be incredible. Others have been less satisfying--that awful, hideous Clone Wars animated film comes to mind...

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Not fond of the Clone Wars cartoon either. I've read a few of the books, but not that old of one. I didn't even know they had book back then. I did have a Comic Book version of Empire Strikes Back that was a thick as Readers Digest and big as a Coloring book. Wish I had it in pristine condition now.


I did read a cool book of Short Stories based on the characters in Jaba's Palace. That was pretty cool.


Little Bragging right, here. My Grandma took us to see Star Wars at Mann's Chinese Theater when it came out in 1977. I was five, but I still remeber the opening music and the Star Destroyer chasing that Blockade Runner with flashes of Red and Green. I don't remeber the huge line to get in, but I was in it.


She took us there again for Empire. I remeber it very well. R2 and 3PO walking around taking pics with folks. John Waynes footprints. It was great.

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Mr. Knight.

Playing into why____ is the best Star Wars.


Why New Hope is the best (9 seconds in):





I can't stop laughing. So slap stick. That George Lucas is a genius!


Also I hate that stupid song in RoTJ sung at Jabba's place.


Ha! Oh man' date=' that's the best!


I can't stop laughing either!


[biggrin[lol] :- [lol] [lol] [lol]


Yes, A New Hope is definitely the best.

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