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Further proof I have no life (non-guitar....)


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So I'm 200 miles from home at the Ramada (work training for 2 days) and I'm enjoying the high speed internet with my laptop (I have no choice but dialup at home).


So I uploaded a couple videos of my best friend. He'll be 14 on the 29th.



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Anyone who saves not one but two videos of his dog so he can play it when he is away from home HAS a life.


I especially liked the way he pushed the plate away from the cat just before he ate the last morsel.


You're a good man KSDADDY. If my daughters were single and you were#(^&teen years younger, I'd let you date them. You can always tell how a man will treat his woman by the way he treats his dog... that's what I taught my daughters anyways.


Lost my dog New Years night. Wandered off one night and never came back. Thanks Scott .. I needed that. [lol]



Any chance we can see your vid of the missus? [lol] .... probably not appropriate... [lol]

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Mittens and Maggie say "Get back home soon so you can hug your doggies and kitties."




Relationships can be soooooo tricky. First you have to establish your boundries...




Then you work out the little details...




Only to discover it's all about sharing. [woot]




Geez, I love critter-threads!

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