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Look at this J-50 on eBay


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I saw that too but was too lazy at the time to post it. That's definitely Graham Parsons in the photo but how you prove it's the same guitar is another matter. He said it had something in it that said "Parsons" and then a phone #. Shoot, it could have been owned by Estelle Parsons!!

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Or Bill Parsons.


Bobby Bare recorded a song called "The All American Boy" around 1958, just about the time another singer, Bill Parsons, recorded some stuff at the same studio. Bobby ended up joining the army a short while later. One night, the radio was on and the song was played. Bobby freaked out, "That's ME!".... and then the deejay said, "...and that was The All American Boy by Bill Parsons..."


**They mixed the names up on the master tapes.**


Bill Parsons never sang a note on that song.


Bobby Bare ultimately made a few bucks recording. No idea what happened to Bill Parsons.


And that's the useless bit of trivia for today!

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