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Pics of my 2006 Gibson L10 Chet Atkins Acoustic + which strings?


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About one month ago I bought a second hand Gibson L10 Chet Atkins which someone decided they didn't want.


I've been trying to work out which strings sound best. I started with Martin SP's and now have D'Addario flatwound electrics on it. Still not 100% happy with the sound but its better than it was. It is however beautiful to play and I really love it!


Any ideas on strings for an f hole acoustic?



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I know some of the guys may wanna hit me for saying this, but depending on potential neck problems, I'd say play the strings you like to play.


To me that is often the difference between liking a guitar and not.


I'm pretty sure Chet probably played with heavier strings than I tend to use, given that he used a thumb pick and I just use my thumb "bare naked." <grin>


But going to 9-42 made me fall in love with a guitar I'd had in my closet for years unplayed...


Only thing is... ???? on the guitar?



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