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For only playing a little more than a year that rocks! So how ya liking the Peavey? It appears to be a decent amp from what I have heard; once it is paired with the pedal boards it turns out to be a entirely different amp and far more capable.


The Vypyr is an awesome amp. I only have the 15 watt, so I can hook up to the footboard, and I also dont have he stompbox effets. I've used the 30 watts, and the extra effects are really nice. Never tried the footswitch though. But my Vypyr covers so many sounds it amazing. It doesnt have the depth and responsiveness a tube amp has, but for $100 its amazing to be able to go from warm and jazzy, to a bit of crunch, then to a Van Halen phaser sound, then to a tight Megadeth sound. The amp even has a effect called the Pitch Shifter, which if you turn parameter 1 to a little below 5 and parameter 2 to 10, you can tune your guitars signal down to Eb, D, or even baritone( B?).

I just wish they came out with a tube vypyr that didnt have only one tube in the whole damn thing.

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