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Lots of members have been showing up with telecasters lately, all of them awesome. Teles are the best guitars IMO, they are simple but sexy, confortable and great sounding. You can cover almost everything tone-wise with a telecaster, and if you ad a pair of HBs you can go over the edge.[cool]


So lets start a Telecaster Owner club where people can post pics and talk about one of the 2 best guitar models ever concieved [thumbup]

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Heres mine.........it's an '05 Mexicaster that I got new for $340.

I had a Kent Armstrong Hot twinrail (a humbucker for a single coil slot) installed in the bridge position, and installed the pearloid pickguard & Bigsby B7 w/roller bridge kit myself.

The neck p'up was fine from the factory.

It DOES sound as good as it looks !!!




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